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Domain Names for your Business

domain-namesDeciding on the right Domain Name for your business website can be a bit daunting at first but we have a solution. Our customers will tell you how many of them have come to us in the past when they were starting up and after talking to them about what they should do.

Deciding on your domain name should never be a quick decision, it is important for a number of reasons as it is what is going to attract your customers, help them find you with the help of search engines and must be memorable.

Below we have listed 9 things to think about before buying your domain name, they are the most asked questions we get. If you would like further help just give us a call on (02) 4647 3111 and we will be more than happy to give you free over the phone advice.

Be unique:

Getting confused with another domain name or your competitors could be a recipe for disaster.

Make it memorable:

Most people are on the go and hear about you and will later search for you, don’t confuse things with a name that they can’t remember.

Use Keywords:

Write down five terms or phrases that describe your industry, products and or location (or target location). Example: Say you are an Accountant in Wonderland!. Search Wonderlandaccountants.com.au with the right website content this is pretty much where you will be thanks in part to the domain name you own.

Keep it Short:

Short Names are easy to remember and write. They also look better on your printed stationery and business cards as well as signage.

Create an expectation:

When someone hears your domain name, they should be able to guess at the type of content that might be found there. Also what you are doing. Example: www.imagewebsites.com.au We design Websites with an Image.

Beware of Copyright ©: Although it doesn’t happen all that often, it could. To make sure you aren’t infringing anyones Copyright or Trademark simply visit your local or country authorities website.
Forget Hyphens and Numbers:

Hyphens and Numbers make it hard to remember, say you had a 5 but your customers type in five, you have lost them, they will go else where. Same with hyphens, say you wanted AccountsWonderland.com.au but someone has it, so you think I will get Accounts-Wonderland.com.au advice here is that it wont work, your competitor (owner of AccountsWonderland.com.au) may create headaches for you and your customers wont use the Hyphen meaning the owner of AccountsWonderland.com.au will get your clients.

Don’t follow trends:

Trends come and go. Buying a domain name with AAA before the real word or XXX wont help you with search engines.

Think about new gTLDs:

We ahve all been using dot coms and dot com dot au’s for ages now but late in 2013 new gTLDs started to roll out. These are industry or geography specific. If you can’t get a dot com, chances are you can get dot company (.company). gTLDs will be rolled out every week, there are over one thousand of them and by all accounts so far they rank very well. If you need help with these (and you probably could use our expert advice on this) we are only to happy to help you out.

Need help? Call us on (02) 4647 3111 or search our Store for a domain name

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